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All the research, all the training and coaching made available to you to transform leaders into speakers and speakers into leaders.

The HeART…Books

Each title is an offspring of the previous one. The HeART of Public Speaking, because laughter is such a huge rapport builder led to

The HeART of HUMOR, because leaders need to inspire at a primal level, led to

The HeART of STORY to connect, engage and influence creatively.

Finally, The HeART of CLOSE is my rebel yell against all the other theories on sales, selling and sales coaching because most all of them spoke about numbers, quotas and always be closing. sales, from the book, inspires serving and eco-conscious co-creating of value.

Pit Bulls and Entrepreneurs is an orphan, a cast-away. It takes a fierce stance and inspires you to pursue success, in business, relentlessly

Speaker Services

Nothing in the world thrills and fulfills my soul more than watching crowds get excited about their own dreams turning into achievable destinies.

I work hard and carefully at this aspect of my service and see to it that serves my audience and creates powerful value.

I custom design these talks based on client and event needs.

I understand that your business is evolving, and this means high excitement or paralyzing anxiety. I research, design, and develop a range of, competency-based, learning interventions for your teams. My sought-after modules are field tested and consistently result in improvements in performance across your organization.

The focus is always on the learner’s growth and the canvass is always unbridled laughter.

Though I have been trained in the ICF way for evoking excellence in others, my chosen approach and my way of life is the way of Appreciative Inquiry. I seek to discover what is good and help make it great.

Coaching sessions can be done part in person and mostly through phone or other media. The period of engagement is dependent on individual needs.


“Change your Stories, Change your Lives!” by Raju Mandhyan – an absolutely amazing experience. As a Trainer, his body language, the content of his talk, the cohesiveness of it all…immensely memorable! What made the maximum impact was that Raju comes across as a genuine human being, every word he spoke comes straight from the heart. His energy is contagious!
Highly recommended.

Vijay Nallawala

Author, Storytelling and Branding Coach, India
After participating in the interactive exercises facilitated by Raju yesterday at the DQG Event, I felt there is more in the world I am missing to explore (whole new worlds of cultures). I’d like to sincerely thank Raju Mandhyan for the opening my eyes to new perspectives and for his inspiring passion filled with motivation.

Souraj Salah

Winner of ASQ UAE Quality Prof. Award 2015 | Operational Excellence | Leadership | Strategy | QHSE | Lean Six Sigma

I have been a participant in one of the many programs that Raju Mandhyan conducts. He is truly awesome and inspiring. There was never a dull moment and not even once did he deviate from the true essence of the program’s purpose.
I highly recommend learning from a man full of wisdom and wit.

Damaris Parra, Ph.D. CHRP®

Global HR Head, Asian Fusion Technology, Inc.
My wife and I had the privilege to have the cross-functional training with Raju Mandhyan at the beginning of my international assignment. The training was instrumental to ensure a smoother transition and adaptation in the Philippines. Impressive skills and competency combining information, techniques and models.

Sandro Rissi

South America Marketing & Product Management Lead Monsanto Company
His Seminar on Appreciative Inquiry with an international group of leaders was well received and applauded. It was very helpful in enabling the participants to have a helpful framework for their consultation on transforming cities. Raju Mandhyan has an amazing gift of telling powerful stories blending laugher with learning and he is an authentic thinker and a servant leader.

Corrie Lorisa De Boer

Co-Founder at Mission Ministries Philippines, Inc.
Raju Mandhyan sees a need and fills it. Truly a sign of a man with a big heart both in the service of his clients and in the best interest of the people he collaborates with. Raju, thank you for your contribution during the Ram Charan Business Summit!

Alvin Samson, ACMC

President at Cornerstone Leadership and Strategy Consulting, Inc. Philippines

Raju Mandhyan was our coach and strategy consultant for our very first annual gathering. His creative approach and powerful insights have revved up our vision and passion in bringing the Philippines to the World. He was amazingly powerful and incredibly light!

Arjun Shroff

Chairman, GI Philippines., Managing Director, Shroff International Travel Care, Inc.

Raju Mandhyan was rated number ONE among six speakers/trainers at the AICI Conference-Singapore Chapter in 2009. He was also very successful in training our people with NLP as a tool for effective training in 2008. He continues to get rave reviews each time he conducts training programs for Salt & Light Ventures, Inc.

Dina Loomis

President of Southeast Asia Speakers and Trainers Bureau

Raju Mandhyan is one of my favorite people in the whole world. He subscribes to my positive philosophy of life. He is a leader of Appreciative Inquiry in Asia. He has one aspect down pat. In large meetings, we most always have a person like him come in and present what Dan Miller calls a ” view from the bridge”. An outside expert to stimulate and motivate the system so they will have a common new language and aspiration to shift in harmony. Raju is, without doubt, among the best at doing such.

Roland Sullivan

Original 100 Change Agent Whole Systems Transformation

Raju Mandhyan provides very useful training for professionals in the public affairs field. He is an excellent coach and a valuable resource on public speaking and creative leadership.

Arlita Narag

Leader in Corporate Communications, Public Policy Advocacy and Corporate Social Responsibility. INTEL Corporation, USA

During an international real estate conference in the Philippines, he delivered a fresh, fun, and informative perspective regarding business and organizational development in general, as well as how to do business in the Philippines. His delivery was authentic, powerful and graceful. I look forward to future opportunities with Raju Mandhyan.

Kiki Bandilla

Owner/President at The National Self-Reliance Project, Las Vegas, USA


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