Five Questions on Sales Coaching

It has been an interesting day one at the 5th HeART2HeART Sales Management & Coaching workshop at the Ascott in Makati, Philippines. Though I have talked many times about the various aspects of coaching at several venues still the questions that come up from a brand new audience create brand new opportunities for deepening and broadening my understanding of the field.

Five questions came up during this interaction and they will, eventually, generate several interesting insights over time.

  1. How long and far into the future must a Sales Manager coach his sales force?
  2. Should the Sales Manager cum coach express his own intentions about the intervention to the salesperson?
  3. How does the Sales Manager assess and measure a good coaching session and its outcome?
  4. Should the Sales Manager focus more on the goals of the individual salesperson or should he focus just on the organizational goals?
  5. What if, over time, the positive skills acquired by the salesperson and the positive outcomes of the intervention start wearing off and lapse?

These, I thought, were very relevant and interesting questions by and for Sales Managers from different fields and I will be spending time putting together good answers during day two of HeART2HeArT Sales Management and Coaching and also after comparing my notes with peers in the field.

Should you, in the meanwhile, have ideas of your own, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. If not, please hang in there and I’ll be back here in a day or two.

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