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I believe that adults learn when and how they choose to learn. They learn through observations, interaction with others or through trial and error. Depending on your learner’s profile, their backgrounds and their experience I put together a potent mix of individual and group activities, interactive dialogue followed, lastly, by some demonstration and lecture.

Regardless of the subject at hand, I also strive to impart the habits and the desires of learning to learn so that post the training people can keep on improving knowledge and skills on their own.

Workshops come filled with games, activities, custom-designed presentation, interactive workbook and follow through sessions.

Most learning interactions are good for a half-day to a two-day session.

The following modules can be repackaged to fit in a one-day or a two-day learning sessions.

  • Communications Skills

    The HeART of Public Speaking (Based on the book)
    The HeART of Humor as delivered at ASTD, Chicago in 2010
    The HeART of Story (Based on the book)
    The HeART of the Close (Based on the book)
    Effective Cross Cultural Communications
  • Creativity & Innovation

    Mind Mapping for Business Applications
    Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving
    Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Mindset (Based on the book, Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs)
  • Leadership & Change

    Leading the Appreciative Inquiry Way
    Systems Thinking for Enterprise Development
    HeARTSmART™ Sales Coaching and Leadership

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